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Today in TV History: Jim Finally Kissed Pam on 'The Office' | Decider May 11, 2016 ... So when Jim finally musters the courage to kiss Pam at the end of “Casino Night,” there's a swell of hope. Yes, they'd continue to be put through ... Is Jim From "The Office" Really Prince Charming? | Direct Expose

Where was Jim and Pam's first kiss in 'The Office'? - Quora Many people think Pam and Jim's first kiss was in the episode “Casino Night” upstairs in the office right next Jim's desk. This however, is not ... The Office Jim Pam First Kiss - Refinery29 May 11, 2016 ... Jim and Pam's first kiss on The Office aired 10 years ago, during the Season 2 ... The touching scene came in Season 2's finale, "Casino Night.

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Read Chapter One - After The Kiss from the story Jim and Pam - The Office [U.S] AU - CASINO NIGHT AND ON by MidriffMustache (A Pear Tree) with 1,906 reads. pam... The Office Episodes | Casino Night Episode The Office Episodes Episode - Casino Night. The episode starts out with Jim trying to convince Dwight that he can move objects with his mind. With a little help from Pam he does. The premise for the episode is that the company has turned the warehouse into a casino and they will gamble for charity. Casino Night - Pam and Jim - The Office | Jim and Pam ... Casino Night - shortly before the kiss. This scene always tugs at my heart! And for the record, Jim (John Krasinski) is a great crier. And believe me, there is such a thing as a bad crier. ThanksJim and Pam awesome pin Jim and Pam. I get all teary everytime I see this one! Favorite episode ever. See more The Office: The Best of Jim and Pam - Witty Serendipity Season 2, Episode 22: “Casino Night.” Jim finally confronts Pam about his feelings, but she tells him she is marrying Roy and says how much she values him as a friend. He sheds a tear and walks away. He finds her later in the office, alone, and kisses her. She embraces the kiss. The episode ends. Season 3, Episode 23: “Beach Games.”

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Was Jim Halpert A Good Guy On ‘The Office?’ - Was The JAM Kiss Romantic? In the “Casino Night” episode at the end of the show’s second season, Jim’s secret love for Pam spills out, first as a confession (which Pam tearfully rejects ... Jim and Pam had their first kiss on ‘The Office’ 10 years ... "Casino Night" was a very special episode for a lot of reasons, and of course the most important thing was, it was the turning point in the Pam-Jim relationship," Director Ken Kwapis told ...

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Jim constantly dropped hints with Pam, but like any other oblivious girl (sorry Pam), she didn't notice until Jim kissed Pam in the office after Michael's "Casino Night" scheme. This episode ends the season, and we see in the beginning of the next one that Pam breaks off her engagement with Roy, and Jim doesn't get why (WOW SURPRISING).

Jim Halpert and Pamela Beesly are one of the main couples of The Office. They are ... Episode. Casino Night- Jim confesses his feelings to Pam and kisses her.

James " Jim" Duncan Halpert (born October 1, 1978) is a fictional character in the U.S. version of the television sitcom The Office, portrayed by John Krasinski. The Office (U.S. TV series) - Wikipedia The Office is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013, lasting nine seasons. [1] It is an adaptation of the original BBC series of the same name and was adapted for American television by Greg … Pam Beesly - Wikipedia

the office the office full episodes rainn wilson the office season 9 the office bloopers john krasinski steve carell the office us olympics michael scott the office fire drill dwight schrute jim halpert jenna fischer the office thugand jim kiss casino night i love you jim tells pam jim confesses his feelings. the office casino | Tumblr | Jim & Pam - Just Once Jim & Pam - Just Once. “I’m in love with you. I’m really sorry if that’s weird for you to hear, but ILife hack: reverse the order of the Casino Night/Gay Witch Hunt frames and you can pretend Pam’sHe spun and caught her face in his hands and kissed her, pressing her back against the wall.